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Tiare's Story

How it all started...

I was blessed with the beautiful name Tiare, which is a Tahitian Gardenia with star-like white petals & a glorious perfume. I was born & raised in Maui, Hawaii but I spent a lot of time in Tahiti in the 1980s. I had a serious boyfriend (one of the loves of my life) in Tahiti at the time, whose family owned the Hinano Brewery. I was very fortunate to stay for extended periods - taking French lessons, hanging out at the lagoons, & helping Tahitian ladies make Pareos. I also learned about the Tahitian bed cover called Tifaefae which is similar to my MAUI BEACH SHEETS.

TIARE STYLE was created in 2000 by my Mom, Jody Baldwin, who also grew up in Hawaii surrounded by beautiful fragrant flowers. TIARE STYLE was named after me because it is my Mom's favorite flower & our product line is very Tahitian looking. In the late 1990s my Mom built a tropical Balinese style B&B in Hana, Maui. She needed decor for the B&B but couldn't find any nice cotton bedding or tablecloths with a fresh simple Polynesian motif. My Mom decided to design and make something fun... The result was a hit & all her friends & guests wanted her to make more for them!  As they say, the rest is history...



The concept of the MAUI BEACH SHEET was thought of by me while using a sheet on the beach & sharing the idea with my Mom. We decided to use her tropical designs on the Beach Sheet idea & they were an instant hit! 

Our designs are created in Maui and hand-made by a team of all women. Our colors are inspired by Hawaii's glorious: fruits, skies, volcanoes, seas & jungles of exotic flora.

100% cotton is measured, cut & pencil drawn with our signature floral, fish & shell motif. Wax is then drawn over the pencil lines to keep the colors from running into the white areas. The color dye is then brushed by hand in between the lines where color is needed. The fabric is then dried in the sun, washed in boiling water (to remove wax), & then dried again in the sun, sewn & ironed. Our MAUI BEACH SHEETS are all preshrunk & colorfast. 


Taking TIARE STYLE to the next level!

I was always a part of the TIARE STYLE business but I recently inherited it from my Mom after she retired. My passion for TIARE STYLE keeps growing & the brand continues to represents my love of the beaches & island-style life in Tahiti & Hawaii. I love it!

I'm excited to share TIARE STYLE with the world & make you feel happy!




Jennifer McConnell

Maui, Hawaii

I can't say enough good things about this product! I’ve been buying MAUI BEACH SHEETS for the past few years from Tiare & I love them! She is so easy going & great to work with. MAUI BEACH SHEETS are incredibly well made, love all the color choices & prints, & they are priced just right! It’s such a unique & beautiful gift to give from the island of Maui.